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Theworldvotes will only work if it's owned by the people of the world. You can help us to achieve this by becoming a campaigner in your own country. Below, you'll find some hints on how to build an online network of support for theworldvotes.

1: Register to vote!
If you haven't registered yet, please fill in the 'Register to vote' box on top of this page. Only registered voters will receive electronic ballots and news letters.

2: Get back to us
If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding theworldvotes, please contact us. We also appreciate your suggestions for future theworldvotes questionnaires.

3: Inform your friends
Tell your family and friends about theworldvotes and invite them to register as well by sending them an e-mail.

4: Participate in forums
Participate in forums. Mention the website, or share your opinion about theworldvotes. We think it's important that people actively engage in debate on topics like global democracy, US foreign policy, and the value of initiatives like theworldvotes.

5: Mention theworldvotes on your website
If you have your own website, weblog or community etc, put a news item about the initiative on your site with a link to theworldvotes.org. If you know a website that should mention theworldvotes, ask the webmaster of that site to mention theworldvotes.

6: Put our link or banner on your site
You could put a link to theworldvotes on your website. We also have an interactive banner that you can include on your homepage. This banner allows people to subscribe to theworldvotes directly from your site.

7: Become a permanent node in the network
Become a node in a global democracy network. Collect local news about the US elections and send it to us. In addition, you could help us to spread our news and press releases in your country.

8: Produce content
We invite you to produce content for our site. Write down your views on
global democracy. Let us know what you think of theworldvotes - also if you
think that the initiative is a bad idea after all. The most interesting
articles will be published in the 'your say' section of theworldvotes.

9: Become a local editor
Most people prefer to read in their own language. You too can become a
theworldvotes editor/translator and localize our content.

10: Donate
This initiative is taken by a small group of young Internet users, who work
on a voluntary basis. But as the initiative gains momentum, we will need
financial resources to keep our website online, develop content, process the
polls and professionalize our media strategy.
Make a donation (PayPal).

11: Become a campaigner!
Because of the large number of people that wants to be a theworldvotes campaigner, we started a separate mailing list. Through this list we will contact you for additional news and requests, apart from our regular newsletter/poll. You can subscribe to this campaign maling list below.

Your e-mail address:

Please register to vote as well!

Happy campaigning!
The theworldvotes team

This campaign manual is also available online in PDF format: