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Whose election is it anyway?
In the run up to the US presidential elections in November, a growing number of websites have sprung up, promoting a particular party or simply encouraging Americans to come out and vote. But two new initiatives have attracted attention for encouraging input into the US elections from outside the USA.
(October 06, 2004)

"The World Votes neither mutual nor fair"
The World Votes project sounds intriguing in principle. Unfortunately, in practice it has proven disappointing for several reasons.
(July 12, 2004)

'The best way to live together is through communication'
"I have to say that when I first came across your site as an a American citizen I was kind of angry because I was thinking, what right do you have as a foreigner to tell me how to vote, and what right do you have to even ask to be able to vote in our election."
(March 31, 2004)

This November your vote counts for 20
"The president Americans elect will have a direct and often more profound effect on millions more who will not be allowed to vote at all in November's election: basically, everyone else in the world."
(March 31, 2004)

US Elections: Let The Whole World Vote!
"I am not a citizen of the United States, but I desperately want to vote in that country's next Presidential election. You heard right, I am an Indian, I live in Thailand, I have never been to the United States but I want to vote in the upcoming US elections."
(March 23, 2004)

Outsourcing Citizenship
"Theworldvotes.org is wrong on so damned many levels. Why should foreigners have a say in our elections now? Why is it apparently a one-way street?"
(March 09, 2004)

Foreign policy to dominate US presidential election campaigns
Foreign issues are rarely a prominent topic in election campaigns of President hopefuls because American voters are usually keener on domestic policy, however, analysts are predicting that the trend will reverse in the coming months when debate on foreign policy is expected to heat up.
(February 11, 2004)

Be pioneering ! Open 2004 US presidential election to world citizens!
With its decision to take over the UN in the field of international action, the US has considerably increased its influence on the destiny of each citizen of the world. By allowing citizens worldwide to take part in the November election, the Bush administration could now prove that care for democracy is really what motivated their decision!
(February 06, 2004)

Catching the ear of American folks
TORONTO STAR, 2/1/'04-- Here in the Big Pink, as this country is portrayed, perhaps not so coincidentally, on all the maps, Canadians who care about more than who is going to be the next Survivor, American Idol or Apprentice can get awfully frustrated.
(February 04, 2004)

Theworldvotes debate
"What does the opinion of some uninformed guy from Congo mean to our presidential election? Zippy. I can't wait to analyze the results. "Look how many supporters there are for Kerry in Greece!"
(February 02, 2004)