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America’s Global Election
METRO, LONDON- November 2nd 2004 sees the most anticipated United States presidential election in fifty years. It is perhaps the only truly global election. The President of the United States is, after all, a ruler whose reach extends well beyond America’s borders. Millions of people across the globe – in Baghdad, Bogotá, and Beijing - will be intimately affected by the outcome of events in Ohio, Wisconsin, and, of course, Florida.
(October 22, 2004)

What are YOU thinking?
Despite the strong emotions roused by the Guardian's operation Clark County, at least two other organisations have dared to enter the fray with projects that invite non-US citizens to express their preference on the impending election.
(October 21, 2004)

Kerry widely favored abroad, polls show
LONDON, Oct. 15- As President Bush and John Kerry slug it out on the campaign trail in the final days before the election, Kerry has emerged as the clear leader in perhaps the most important vote that doesn't count: If the rest of the world had a voice, the Massachusetts Democrat would win in a landslide.
(October 17, 2004)

Web site serves as political forum
An international political Web site established in the Netherlands last fall has been receiving more attention as the November 2004 presidential election draws near.
(October 04, 2004)

World Citizens Use Web to Weigh In on U.S. Foreign Policy
NEW YORK - Since the U.S. presidential election will affect people around the world, shouldn't everyone have a vote? A handful of Web-based groups are trying to at least give citizens of other countries a voice.
(October 04, 2004)

¿Saps que tu també pots votar per Bush o per Kerry?
¿Et mores de ganes de poder votar a les eleccions nord-americanes del 2 de novembre? ¿Vols dir al món que George Bush ha de seguir governant els Estats Units?
(September 27, 2004)

The whole world is watching
The U.S. president is the most powerful man on Earth. That’s why a number of initiatives aim to give the rest of the world a voice in this year’s election.
(September 23, 2004)

Wereld! Uw stemmen graag
(Dutch) Ze baalt als een stekker, mijn buurmeisje. Op 3 november wordt ze achttien jaar. Een dag te laat dus om te mogen stemmen. En jij, vroeg ze. Ga jij stemmen? Verwonderd keek ze op toen ik zei als buitenlander geen stemrecht te hebben. Maar je betaalt toch gewoon belasting, zei ze? Ja. Goh, merkwaardig.
(August 04, 2004)

The world should also have a vote
International Herald Tribune, 03/25/2004-- "I have heard from people, foreign leaders elsewhere in the world who don't appreciate the Bush administration and would love to see a change in the leadership of the United States." So spoke Senator John Kerry at a fund-raiser this month as the two-horse race for the most powerful presidential seat in the world swung into full gear.
(March 25, 2004)

Un web permet als estrangers votar Bush o Kerry
El web Theworldvotes.org ofereix a tots els ciutadans del món amb accés a la xarxa la possibilitat de votar electrònicament a les eleccions presidencials dels Estats Units.
(March 23, 2004)