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In November 2004, U.S. citizens will elect their new President. The outcome of these elections directly influences the lives of citizens around the world.

Theworldvotes.org seeks to apply new technologies to provide citizens around the world with a voice in matters that affects us all.

Ensure that your voice is heard by registering electronically and add momentum to a worldwide drive to establish global democracy.

Who can vote?

All citizens around the world who are committed to building a democratic international system of governance that is based on respect for universal human rights.

When to vote?

You can register now! Every global citizen registered will receive an electronic ballot before the Presidential Election Day.

From among registered voters, regular surveys will be conducted in the run up to the Presidential elections to monitor the preferences among citizens globally.

Results published?

The final outcome of the global vote for the U.S. President will be published on November 2, 2004. During the election campaign, intermediate polls will be published as well.

How does it work?

Simple. Register now. In course, you will be invited to cast your vote electronically on theworldvotes.org, and monitor the results on the website or in the news that day.

Mobilize your friends on the Internet to register as well!

Electoral oversight?

A global Electoral Commission will be established to validate the election process and results. It consists of the most experienced managers of national elections.

What to do meanwhile?

Democracy is built through engagement in dialogue. All citizens, including U.S. citizens, are most welcome to engage in this dialogue. Casting your ballot is an excellent way to express your voice and to make yourself heard. Opinion leaders and journalists from various continents will be asked to publish their thoughts about global democracy on this site.

Participate in this experiment!

There has been a lot of writing and discussion about e-voting and e-democracy. Can the Internet really change the way a nation, or even the world, is governed? Theworldvotes.org is the first global e-democracy experiment - and you can be part of it!

U.S. Citizens: please note!

Theworldvotes.org is most certainly not intended to be an anti-America or anti-G.W. Bush platform. We welcome U.S. Citizens to register and have their voice heard as well.

Casting your vote on theworldvotes.org does not mean that you have voted officially. We encourage U.S. citizens to cast their vote in their traditional polling station as well.

Press release (October 7, 2003)